Regarding 1Password and Safari, it definitely is working better using Edge. I suppose I could migrate to iCloud Keychain but I’m too lazy to go through that effort. Edge has been pretty good (certainly better that Chrome). Once you disable/hide all of the Bing and AI crud, it’s a fairly fast and decent browser. I do appreciate the vertical tabs feature quite a bit.

The issue I was running into with Safari is that extension just wouldn’t load or save the password for a given site. Reinstalling the extension didn’t help any. I don’t necessarily blame this on Safari or Apple, I know 1Password made some annoying changes when they released 1Password 8, but it was working fine for months and then it just decided not to. I keep 1Password because I’m in some grandfathered plan from eero (back before Amazon bought them) that now I pay nothing for 🤷‍♂️